The Pirate

Ahoy, matey! Avast ye, and I’ll tell the tale of this buccaneer with servitude to the sea. He has one menacing eye and one sharp hook toward searching and plundering buried treasure. He spends most of his days captain to his vessel and spends most of his booty at the pub drinking rum. Take care if you ever spot him from the crow’s nest, or it may just be you who walks the plank. 

During the game, the pirate will be searching the board for the buried treasure. After locating it, he will start to build a yellow path to it from his pirate ship. Once he has successfully completed his path, his Machination will win the game!

The Spy

Receiving Transmission: CODE WHITE! It seems that one of our operatives has been planting moles in different agencies in order to infiltrate and take over. I repeat we are on CODE WHITE! The target has been in the wind for over a year now, but we feel like he may resurface soon. Should you spot him, be sure to tell everyone you know. He is one of the most notorious agents known, and his tactics are sound. End Transmission .

During the game, the spy will be trying to clandestinely infiltrate every player's home base. If he manages to place an agent token under every home base and not be compromised, his Machination will win the game!

The Alien

Breaking News! This just in: There seem to be some sort of spacecrafts hovering over the world’s most populated cities. No one seems to know where they came from or who may be controlling them. Our sources indicate that these might be of extra-terrestrial origin. Some believe it to be a hoax or publicity stunt, but there have been reports of green creatures descending from the ships. We don’t know much about these “aliens,” except that they carry what seems to be deadly blaster guns. If you are to stumble upon one of these creatures, the authorities are recommending that you don’t go near it nor provoke it. They may be incredibly dangerous. Remember, you heard it here first, News Channel M.

During the game the alien will be trying to invade every player’s home base by placing UFO ships on the board. If the alien can successfully have its UFO tokens on each player’s home base, its Machination will win the game!

The Soothsayer

Step right up, ladies and gents! Have this master of divination reveal your fate. She sees all and knows all! That’s right folks. With just one look into her crystals, she can see your deepest, darkest secrets. Don’t let that deter you though. Come one, come all! No need to hide. Everywhere you go, her eyes will be upon you. You need not fear while she is here!

During the game the soothsayer will try to determine each player’s identity while simultaneously redistributing the character tokens to match the players’ character cards. Once she has done so and locked it in, her Machination will win the game.

The Zombie

It has been two years since the disease 31A912B8 began spreading throughout the world, causing the epidemic commonly referred to as “the turn”. Since then, civilizations have fallen, governments have halted, and populations have diminished. If anyone is still out there, please hide. The virus strain has been mutating, and the infected have been acting strange. There have even been some whispers of the ‘turned’ attacking & eating their loved ones. Please share this information with everyone you know so that more people can be saved. I fear that it may be too late for me. Good luck and watch outzdr fchhr nuchhchc shfsplozuhch.

During the game, the zombie will be trying to infect every player’s character token by flipping it to the other side. After having done so, those players may only move toward the zombie’s home base. If the zombie can get every player’s pawn on his home base at the same time, his Machination will win the game!

The Superhero

During the time of the world’s deepest need, there is a legend of one who can save us all, a human with extraordinary powers and abilities, who can defend the earth and bring our enemies to justice. From the time the soothsayer first made an appearance to now, when we have aliens & “the turned” in our backyards, it has been clear that we need a hero to help us, and that time is now. Please help us.


During the game, the superhero will be trying to save the day by not letting any other character’s Machination succeed. They will be able to harness the power to reverse any character’s  ability on their covert operation turn. If all the tiles have been flipped face up and no other character has succeeded, the superhero’s Machination will have won the game!



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