Machinations: A Game of Devious Schemes
Machinations is a competitive tabletop game where players take the role of a soothsayer, zombie, superhero and more in order to complete their own agendas. While roaming the board, players discover new locations that may help them on their mission or reveal an obstacle that they must face. The board changes according to which combinations of characters are in the game for a unique experience every game. During a special phase called covert operations, players get to secretly perform their special abilities in order to get one step closer to winning the game.

Do you have what it takes to save the day from the alien invasion? Will you find the path to the buried treasure? Keep your identity hidden and get ahead by sabotaging other opponents. Just be careful or you might get sucked into the black hole or encounter the raging robot. Will you be the first to fulfill your Machination?

*Game contains small pieces that could be a choking hazard. Not suitable for children under the age of 4.

Machinations: A Game of Devious Schemes




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